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Goodbye AT&T, Hello T-Mobile + BYOD: Lifehack for International Travelers

I'm done with AT&T. For anyone who travels internationally a lot like I do, the nickeling and diming and constant stress of "oh my God did I turn my data roaming off" is too much to handle. AT&T is still trying to rip me off with 50 cents per SMS and $20/MB for international data or data packs that are still too expensive. But the last straw - I called my mom two weeks ago and forgot to turn on my Reliance Global Call app. The bill - $175 for 44 minutes! In a day and age where Skype, Vonage, FaceTime and a million other options abound., this is simply ridiculous.

Equally ridiculous are the plans that now charge you installments for buying a high-end smartphone at full price. Seems like its only $30 a month but you are effectively shelling out $650 for your shiny new iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5.

So here's my plan: