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FaceBrushing my Life - My Curated Self on Facebook

When I teach executives about social media, I observe that companies need to be authentic in their interactions with customers on social media. It is important to say what you do and do what you say. In fact, one definition of social media goes along the lines of “real people having real conversations about real things, ideas and people”.

Then I paused to reflect – are we “real people” on Facebook? And the irony struck me – while we are asking companies to be “authentic”, we are anything but. Like the cover photos on fashion magazines, we carefully airbrush our lives to post the prettiest pictures, happiest moments and funniest jokes on Facebook. Like mannequins in department store windows, we market the best facets of ourselves and our lives on Facebook. We are as real online as Kim Kardashian is on reality TV. If our carefully curated looks, lives and loves were real, the world would be an awesome place!