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Confessions of a Nudist

I’m a die-hard nudist. Before you get too scandalized, it’s not my clothes I abhor. I object strongly to the ridiculous outfits that we clothe our devices in. My wife, bless her heart, bought me a top of the line case for my new iPad. It was a Targus case with a Bluetooth keyboard and a nice leather-like exterior. It looked nice and the keyboard even worked, sort of. The problem – the damn thing weighed more than the iPad! So here I am, with my 1.5 lb iPad combined with a 2 lb case to create a device that looks suspiciously like a small laptop, with far less functionality. I shipped the Targus case back. I still carry my iPad, but I carry it naked. The only cover I will use for it is a light sleeve to protect the screen. My smartphone is naked too. I use a Samsung Focus S, which is slim and sleek. Unlike the iPhone, it has taken a few falls without the screen shattering, because cheap plastic seems to flex better than Apple’s metal back and gorilla glass!

Imagine that you worked out for a year to get a “bikini body”. You finally sculpted your midriff and your thighs and your arms to look svelte and sexy. When heading to the beach, you were told that you were required to put on bulky layers of clothes that hide every part of your body. Oh, by the way, these clothes are so heavy that they weigh you down. And they make you look ugly. You would be mad, wouldn’t you?