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Scalable Education – Disrupting the Business School

I teach at a business school, so I hate to sound like the guy who bites the hand that feeds it. But of late, I have become deeply uncomfortable with the exorbitant cost of B-school education, whether it is degree education or executive courses. To put it simply, B-schools are pricing themselves out of the market. We use antiquated models of content creation and delivery and we teach the same number of students in a classroom that professors in ancient India or Greece would teach! No wonder the cost of education is out of control. Meanwhile, cloud technology is transforming how we work, play and connect.

The conclusion is inescapable to me – when the Cloud meets Education, it can produce some very disruptive business models. We are starting to see glimmers of this with Udacity, the Khan Academy and other experiments. This is just the tip of the iceberg.