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Finding your Passion – Letter to a Young Woman

I spoke at the Sikh Leadership Forum on October 14 in New York City, and talked about “finding your passion”. I got an email from a young woman who asked me how you can find your passion and how you can drown out the noise around you in discovering your true passion in work and life.

Here’s my letter to her:

Great questions, and I wish I had a simple answer. All I have is my personal experience to lean on. At times, when I was doing professionally what I was NOT passionate about, I’d literally wake up in the mornings and not want to go to work. I felt in the pit of my stomach that I was miserable and unhappy with what I was doing. That it was just a job and I was just collecting a paycheck. So that’s one extreme – knowing what you don’t want to do. This much will be obvious! </