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Above and Beyond (Written in 1988!)

There must be more to life. Than chasing shadows. Than clutching at emptiness. Than images and illusions. Than seeing yourself in others. Than craving for possessions. Than music and moods. Than pleasures of the senses.

There must be more to friendship. Than associations of convenience. Than empty hellos and forced smiles. Than mundane conversations. Than superficial masks, hiding a selfish core.

There must be more to religion. Than blindness and blood. Than symbols and sermons. Than an eerie game of fanaticism, in which man hunts man.

There must be more to marriage. Than a knotted piece of cloth. Than seven circles around a fire. Than an arrangement to procreate. Than an agreement to share a roof and a bed.

There must be more to humor. Than scoring points off others. Than raillery and ridicule. Than cutting a man down, and laughing as he falls.

There must be more to women. Than figures and statistics. Than animal appeal. Than character and reputation. Than stereotypes of mother, sister, girlfriend and whore.

There must be more to education. Than learning to forget. Than playing to beat the system. Than going by the book. Than constricting yourself within a pattern.

Yes, there must be more to existence. Than birth and death. Than running in circles. There must be a meaning. There must be a destination. There must be an answer to the riddles of life. There must be a door beyond perception. There must be a way to the Source.

And so, I search. For the clarity beyond the fog. Where there would be harmony and peace. Where the past would embrace the future, and all would be Now. Where time and space would blend and fuse. Where the transitoriness would yield to timelessness. Where I would see the symphony of creation, and myself a manifestation of the Is.

Then the soul would wrest itself free from the shackles of the body, to rise and to be one with Infinity. That would be the fulfillment, the becoming…

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