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Grey leaden skies

pour out their emotions

dreary sadness prevails

in the murky atmosphere

Birds in their trees

droop their heads in mourning

the darkness travels within

my heart heavy with sorrow

Damp and decay greet the eye

penetrating every pore

the Sun remains a prisoner

its warmth consumed by the clouds

I watch the fog descendingits wispy tentacles advancinggrowing menacingly out of nothingnessswallowing the glimmer that remains

But suddenly, I hear a voice

so unreal yet so clear

yonder, look beyond the gloom

there lies the glade of hope

These patient sufferings shall yield

to the warmth of joys they conceal

every poignant moment, pregnant with sorrow

holds the happiness of tomorrow

So when rain dampens the spirit

nature’s message, treat it as such

for every down there is an up

and in every end a new beginning

Rise, wake and discover this truth

see peace and harmony seep through

look inward, introspect and find

silences communicating eloquently

See yourself, a thread in the fabric

entwining, embracing the world

feel the invisible links so strong

the design so grand running throughout

Come to terms with existence

and suddenly, the pain is no more

rise above the quagmire of triviality

mundane pursuits now seem so futile

Break the shackles of desire

wrest the soul free from longing

the vision of action slowly unfolds

and I begin to see the light

Such are the flashes of knowing

what lies within, above and beyond

life has a meaning, a mission, a purpose

and yet we choose to forget

A glorious journey, excitement in discovery

every milestone a revelation

I know not what lies at the end

yet the irresistible pull draws me on

The senses are enraptured

not thinking, just feeling

the emptiness begins to overflow

my vacant mind chokes with sensations

Alas, I sink into the rut

ordinariness takes its toll

the means the end, without a meaning ?

perceptions are dulled, illusions abound

Will my emancipation ever be complete

and the pall ever be lifted ?

hope eternal smiles benevolently

as life slowly resumes…..

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