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Visions of Myself

Sometimes like driftwood

Swept along by the current

Caught in whirlpools

Cast aside on the shore

Wet and defenseless

Sometimes like a leaf

Dropped from a tree

Buffeted by the winds

Piled on the sidewalk

Drying and lifeless

Sometimes like a pebble

Lying on the street

Kicked by children

Walked on by passersby

Alone and purposeless

Sometimes like a cloud

Suspended in the sky

Attacked by the sun

Pushed with urgency

Wispy and shapeless

Sometimes like an eagle

Soaring in flight

Riding the thermals

Seeing all beneath it

Serene and fearless

Sometimes like a bee

Buzzing along with purpose

Collecting drops of nectar

Making sweet honey

Busy and tireless

Sometimes like a sea

Stretching across the horizon

Cradling life in its bosom

Ebbing and flowing

Deep and bottomless

Sometimes like a lover

Yearning for the union

Drunken in ecstasy

Lost in another

Detached and selfless

Sometimes like the Infinite

Beyond words and description

The doer of all deeds

The dancer and the dance

Pervasive and limitless

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