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The sexy siren versus the steady girlfriend

I have been seduced by Apple. Twice. Once by the iPhone and once by the Macbook Pro. First it was the sexy iPhone, with all its fancy media handling capabilities and the oh-so-sexy interface. And of course, all the apps. I chucked my BlackBerry and got in line at the Apple store to buy myself an iPhone. A few days into my love affair, I discovered that beauty is often skin deep. Typing on glass is not something I want to get used to at my age. And the email capabilities of the iPhone simply don’t stack up to my trusty BlackBerry. And the screen tends to get pretty greasy. Plus, at least when I bought the iPhone, the battery life for 3G was really poor. Now, I know that there are millions of iPhone lovers who will hate me for my opinions, but for me, the iPhone was a brief torrid affair that lasted two weeks. I returned my iPhone to AT&T and bought myself a BlackBerry Bold. And all was peaceful.

Until a few months ago. I finally caved into the charms of the Mac, spurred on by my brother and cousins who swore that “there was no going back” once you got a Mac. So I bought myself the sexiest Mac I could find, with a giant 24 inch HD Cinema display. And I gave up on my trusty Lenovo laptop, which has the sex appeal of a water buffalo. My excitement faded in a few days when I started using the lousy Entourage email program and the Word for Mac. They simply don’t work as well as the Windows versions. And other annoyances poked through. The printer connectivity of Snow Leopard with Windows printers leaves a lot to be desired. And who thought of the sharply milled surfaces on the edge of the Macbook? They cut