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Time Was

Time was, when life was revelations unfolding

And every day a dawn of discovery

Time was, when my mind was an open vessel

And every book a chance to imbibe

Time was, when there were teachers all around

And every conversation an opportunity to grow

Time was, when stepping forth was an act of faith

And every relationship a reason to believe

Time was, when falling made me get up stronger

And every rebuke a gift of learning

Time was, when I saw the world without lenses

And every person just a fellow human

Time was, when friends were easy to make

And loving an unconditional act

Time was, when ignorance was a badge of honor

And every question an honest one

Time was, when spirit was not clouded by religion

And every prayer an echo of the soul

Time was, when I stood so much in awe of creation

And every living thing a part of the pattern

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