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A poem I wrote on a plane this week

Memory Lane

Today I walked down memory lane

Thought I’d visit with myself in the past

It had been a long time

As I rummaged through my mind

Dusting off cobwebs from what was

I uncovered a scene that lay forgotten

Faded and dimmed by passages of time

As I began to play it back in my mind

It slowly came into focus

I slipped effortlessly into in the past

I was back in the moment

I began to feel like I had felt

And to think what I had thought

It is as if a dam had been broken

I was awash with emotions

And overcome with feelings

As I slowly brought myself back

I realized

That the past lives in the present

Memories are here and now

So be careful when you walk back

Sometimes it is best to let sleeping dogs lie

If the caravan must pass

with the minimum amount of commotion.

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