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Open Enrollment Executive Education Courses

Business Marketing Strategy 

In-Depth Review of B-to-B Best Practices

In this intensive seminar, senior members of Kellogg’s marketing faculty will guide you through the fundamentals of business-to-business marketing strategy and share with you their leading-edge thinking on successful business practice.
You’ll learn how to build customer value models that give you a better understanding of the value of your offerings to target customers and market segments and that help you deliver market offerings to better meet customers’ requirements and preferences. You’ll spend time on managing segments and customers and collaborate with an international group of peers, analyzing your marketing strategies, sharing experiences and broadening your perspective. 



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Driving Organic Growth through Innovation

Discover Innovative Solutions to Sustain Growth

Do you need to innovate quickly to stay ahead of competitors? Overcome organizational barriers to innovation? Leverage customer insight for marketplace advantage? Create a commercialization machine for sustainable growth? This results-focused program equips you with the tools and methodologies you need to build sustainable growth engines even in times of turbulence and unpredictability.
Guided by our faculty of seasoned practitioners and innovation thought leaders, you’ll gain practical insight from examples of innovation in companies with demonstrated records of growth. You’ll deepen your learning experience by creating a customized growth initiative journal focused on a real-life business challenge you bring to class and you’ll develop solutions you can deploy immediately in your own company. 

Growth and Innovation Week

Participants may combine this program with Creating and Leading a Culture of Innovation to participate in theGrowth and Innovation Week. When taken consecutively, these programs are offered at a discount. Combining the programs provides leaders with the framework to capitalize on opportunities for innovation and growth in their companies.



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Advanced Executive Program

Navigate Complexity, Conflict and Ambiguity

Rigorous learning, accessible faculty and outstanding networking opportunities are hallmarks of the Advanced Executive Program (AEP). Set in Kellogg’s culture of teamwork and collaboration, this month-long program delivers an interactive learning experience unavailable anywhere else. 

At Kellogg, we emphasize that being an effective general manager is much more than the next rung up from functional management. The role of the general manager involves much more complexity, conflict and ambiguity. It requires a broader perspective, more strategic thinking and greater accountability. In functional management, a decision may seem clear-cut and obvious; the general manager recognizes that a decision may involve multiple trade-offs, far-reaching consequences and hidden risk.

In the AEP, you acquire the general manager’s toolkit for dealing with complexity, cutting through to the core issues, setting priorities and clear direction and making the tough decisions that keep your organization strategically aligned. You leave armed with new ideas and approaches, prepared and inspired to put them into action.



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