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Product Management for Technology Companies

Product Management for Technology Companies provides the frameworks, theory, tools and hands-on experience to prepare students to hit the ground running in technology companies. With a holistic and entrepreneurial perspective of product management, we provide insight into the nine major aspects of product management (including opportunity analysis, customer discovery & requirements, product launch & marketing, leading cross-functional teams, product planning and more). This comprehensive approach prepares students for product management and co-founder roles – as well as related roles such as product marketing, product planning & strategy, business development, and similar.


Students will gain hands-on experience via an industry-sponsored project and targeted cases—including several cases developed specifically for this course. The industry project allows students to customize your learning from the course. The projects are real, with executive sponsorship and dedicated resources lined up prior to the start of the first lecture. Alternatively, students may propose your own projects. Sponsors include startups such as kPoint, and Misfit Wearables; as well as leading tech firms such as Amazon, Intel and 


Graduate Courses

Technology Marketing

Technology Marketing is an elective course that I created in 1996 and have continued to teach since then.  The course aims to provide students with an end-to-end view of strategic marketing processes that technology companies use to conceive, design, and market their products and services. 


The course is organized around 7 key marketing processes:


  1. Discovering Value – Market Opportunity Analysis and Customer Insight Generation

  2. Defining Value – Customer Segmentation and Value Proposition Design

  3. Realizing Value – Developing and Managing New Offerings

  4. Delivering Value – Managing Channels, Partner Ecosystems and Solutions

  5. Capturing Value – Designing Value-Based Pricing and Innovative Business Models

  6. Communicating Value – Managing Integrated Marketing Communications, Branding and Positioning

  7. Sustaining Value – Managing the Customer Experience and Driving Growth through Innovation

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